8th, Trocadero? 9th (daytime) other London stuff?

Okay, random plans are coming together, and I've finally decided what to do with the weekend of 8th-9th of December..

On the Saturday (8th) a handful of my workmates and myself are planning on heading to London, going to the Trocadero, and generally having fun (there will undoubtably be arcading, drinking, and probably other stuff too, don't know what though). Anyway, it'll be a good laugh, anyone else fancy it?

Also, what with Rodrigo Y Gabriela coming up on the night of the 9th it probably wouldn't make much sense to go home and come back, so I'm currently thinking a good plan would be 1. Do Trocadero stuff 2. Stay somewhere 3. -blank- 4. PROFIT! Umm, gig.

If anyone has any ideas for the blank bit of Sunday I'd love to hear them, especially if they involve meeting up with people.

All and sundry welcome etc. etc. hopefully it'll fit some others plans :)
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Any day now, hows about, getting out of this place..

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Anyway.. I want to go on holiday at some point in the not *too* distant future, anyone else also feel the need to get away for a week (or whatever) sometime?

I guess the other important questions (if anyone *is* interested) are:

Any particular restrictions for timing or whatever?


Any great ideas for what we should do, where we should go etc?

There was talk of organizing a canal boating expedition a while back, and that's still something that I'd absolutely love to do again, so that's one possibility, but I'd love to hear other ideas (the more, and the stranger, the better!)

I guess it's obvious, but I aim to keep things entirely fluid for now, I just want to gauge potential interest, get some ideas bouncing and so on..

Oh yes, and please do share this with non-lj using folk, this isn't intended as private planning or anything.

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Well, it's been a rather long while, so, a brief update.

I (finally) got another job doing game programming stuff, and I've been gainfully employed for about a month now (time really flies!). Really enjoying it, even though I'm only really doing menu stuff at the moment, it's very nice to wake up and actually be happy about going to work :)

The downside is of course a rather significant lack of free time (especially once I've filled as many of the gaps as possible in with climbing), but being busy beats being bored big-time (how's that for alliteration?)

Living with parents remains a blessing financially, but as one would expect it's driving me a bit nuts. Fine at times, and at others (like this evening) it's infuriating. I really need to move out, and I might actually be able to afford to now, although Oxford pricing is going to make it more painful than I'd like. It is however looking increasingly likely that I'll be here for the immediate future, so I should really be getting on with it.

Off to the Peak District this weekend with what will be a *huge* rabble of UKCMC'ers which should be even better than normal, so I'm really looking forward to it. It seems more than a little odd however that this'll be the second last trip of the academic year with them. It really drives home quite how long I've been an ex-student for.

So all in all I'm pretty good really, and a *lot* happier about my situation than I have been in a long long time (heck, probably a whole year). I hope the rest of you are doing well too.

[edit: my computer date is wrong, and lj is being stupid and not letting me change the date, hence why this appears to be sometime odd, rather than 15/02/07]
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Well, I'm planning on making my way to Canterbury this coming weekend, so here's the usual appealing for crash-space post.

The current plan is to come down Friday for the gathering at Kim and Alex's house, and stay till, umm whenever (but I'm very vaguely planning to head back on Monday). I don't require very much really, a small patch of floor space and if possible a shower is more than good enough :)

I'm not quite so sure about what I'm going to do Saturday night, I've got a Christmas dinner with the mountaineering club lot that evening, so the odds are fairly high that I'll end up moderately trashed, and leave wherever we end up rather late. With that considered it seems pretty unfair to impose myself on any of you guys (unless of course it's easy for whatever reason) that night, so I'm going to ask them-lot if they've space for me for then, but I'm not sure what I'll do if they haven't ;)

So, can any of you put me up for a few nights? Pwetty please?

Huge thanks in advance,

In other news..

Saw Muse, they were awesome.

I no longer have a job (end of contract rather than anything more sinister), so I'm fully back into the rather unpleasent task of job hunting again, albiet in a better situation than I was 5 months ago. Hopefully it'll all pan out fairly well in the not too distant future.

Otherwise plodding along, not unhappy but not quite where I want to be (in both senses) either. Ho-hum.
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Canterbury for me this weekend?

Okay, I'm contemplating heading down to Canterbury this weekend (for the pirate/ninja thing and whatever else).

Transport is sorted but I'll need somewhere to stay for (probably) Friday and Saturday.

Anyone willing to put up with me for a while? :o)
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I lead Zelda, both pitches of it!

It's my second Hard Severe!

It was really rather scary, and more than a little exposed!

None of you care!


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Well, the weekend (plus some) was really great. Had a superb time, so thanks to everybody. Apologies for buggering off a little sooner than I'd previously advertised, but having today at home's been really useful (and sleeping in a real bed was rather enjoyable too). Also apologies for not doing Nandos on Monday, I really wanted to go but the draw of climbing (and to be perfectly honest that of a certain person too) was too big.

It was a very much needed break.

Anyway, in other news..

Since David's moved to bath for Uni I've spent a lot of today moving myself into his room. This means I'm no longer living in the small box of a room that I did previously (hooray!).

Work has (I believe) extended my contract by a month or two, although I haven't actually had it officially, so I'll be going in tomorrow and saying "umm, I am still meant to be working here aren't I?" It should be fine though, and it'll give me more time to look for a job for afterwards. I really need to get my act together in that respect as so far I've been completely rubbish.

Oh, and a book that I bought on little more than impulse is turning out to be a seriously good read. Only a third through it, but I feel I can recommend it on that third alone. It's How I Paid For College by Marc Acito.

So, all in all life's been a hell of a lot worse. Long may this state of affairs continue.
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